Why TeleRobotics?

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Remote Clinical and Technical Procedure Support

  • Receive support without increasing viral transmission risk
  • Allows continued education on new technologies and techniques
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Live Peer-to-Peer Training and Proctoring

  • Build collaborative network of physicians supporting each other in complex cases
  • Improve training and oversight of fellows/peers from outside the lab
  • Allow peer-to-peer procedure observations without travel (TeleRobotic site visits)
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The Future of Remote Surgery with TeleRobotics

  • Increased access to high-quality care in under-served communities
  • Leverage highly skilled physicians beyond geographic limitations

Get Involved

Receive TeleRobotic Support for Your Lab

Robotic technology in EP means digitization of the cath lab. This enables us to provide secure, real-time clinical and technical support for your procedures.

Collaborate with Your Peers

View EP procedures On Demand, discuss with Robotic EP pros, and register to attend live, interactive procedures.

Join the Conversation

Participate in the TeleRobotic Surgery Leadership Council and leverage highly skilled physicians beyond geographic limitations

Schedule a Test Drive

Schedule a live virtual tour of a Genesis lab and TeleRobotic technology demonstration.

Schedule a test drive

Schedule a live virtual tour and technology demonstration.


    Please select two times between Monday and Friday that you would prefer to have your 45-minute test drive.


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