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Genesis Lab Planning Considerations


Procedure room minimum recommended size:

  • 19’-6” [5944mm] Long X 22’-0” [6700mm] Wide;
  • Ceiling height 9’-6 3/8” [2900mm]

Control room minimum recommended size:

  • 8’-0” [2438mm] Long X 22’-0” [6700mm] Wide

Equipment room minimum recommended size:

  • 8’-0” [2438mm] Long X 22’-0” [6700mm] Wide

These minimum dimensions allow proper work flow in the lab.

Consult Stereotaxis Site Planning if variance is desired.


  • Stereotaxis Imaging Model S Fluoroscope – 3584 lbs. [1626 kg.]
  • Stereotaxis Odyssey Vision™ – 600 lbs. [272 kg.]
  • Stereotaxis Genesis RMN™ – 7033 lbs. [3190 kg.]
  • Total weight for combined systems – 11,217 lbs. [5088 kg.]


  • Stereotaxis Genesis RMN™ requires two (2) hospital network data connections and an IPsec point-to-point VPN connection to the hospital’s network.
  • Stereotaxis Odyssey Vision™ requires one (1) hospital network data connection.
  • Stereotaxis Genesis RMN™ requires a 3 Phase 480/400 Volt AC 20 amp electrical panel.
  • Stereotaxis Odyssey Vision™ requires a 120 Volt AC 30 amp disconnect with an L5-30 receptacle or a 230 Volt AC 15 amp disconnect, with an L6-30 receptacle.


Procedure room requires a minimal single layer magnetic shield to contain the 5 Gauss field within the controlled work area.

If an MRI device is located less than 130 ft. [40 m] from the procedure room, additional shielding may be recommended to ensure the MRI system experiences no quality degradation.


Timeline required for installation of Stereotaxis Genesis RMN™ with Stereotaxis Imaging Model S is typically 30 days from completion of room preparation.

Possible layout of a stereotaxis ep lab

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