The goals of broadcasting live Robotic EP procedures are:

  • Mastery of navigation best practices, emerging techniques, and EP skills
  • Peer-to-peer proctoring and collaboration without travel
  • Increase educational opportunities for EP fellows
Protecting Patient Privacy:

Stereotaxis has a four layer strategy to protect patient privacy. First, hosting sites are requested to de-identify PHI from lab equipment. Second, Stereotaxis event host will cover any visible PHI on the Odyssey screen prior to the live broadcast. Third, all attendees will confirm compliance with PHI regulations. Finally, only registered attendees will be admitted into the live broadcast.




Date and Time coordinated with your schedule and Dr. D’Souza

Schedule a one-on-one discussion with Robotic EP Pro, Dr. Benjamin D’Souza, and review best practices from a real-world robotic ablation procedure in a patient with ischemic ventricular tachycardia. Register below, and we will contact you directly to coordinate a date and time. Preview a recording of the procedure.

Register to Attend an Event

I agree to comply with all PHI regulations to protect patient privacy. (Required)
I acknowledge TeleRobotic Live procedure broadcasts may include off-label use of medical devices and equipment. See below Instructions for Use for Stereotaxis products.
The Genesis RMN® and Niobe® ES Systems are intended to navigate compatible magnetic devices through tissue to designated target sites in the right and left heart, coronary vasculature, pericardial space, neurovasculature, and peripheral vasculature by orienting the device tip in a desired direction. In the US, Genesis RMN® and Niobe® ES Systems are not intended to navigate compatible magnetic devices into the pericardial space.
The Cardiodrive® Catheter Advancement System (CAS) is intended to automatically advance and retract compatible magnetic electrophysiology (EP) mapping and ablation catheters inside a patient’s heart when used in conjunction with a Stereotaxis magnetic navigation system. The Cardiodrive System is not intended to advance the EP mapping and ablation catheters through the coronary vasculature or the coronary sinus.
The Stereotaxis Odyssey® Vision system is an optional display and user interface package designed to consolidate the point of control of the catheterization lab. Odyssey Cinema™ is a recording system for Odyssey Workstation that provides remote viewing of live and recorded procedures.
The e-Contact™ Module is an accessory device that indicates when an RMT catheter tip is in contact with the heart wall when used in conjunction with the Niobe Magnetic Navigation System. The e-Contact™ Module is not cleared for approval in the US.

Physicians may present information on Stereotaxis products or ablation catheters that may not have approval or clearance in all geographies. Consult the associated product labeling for the Indications for Use and instructions of other devices used in conjunction with Stereotaxis products.